Greetings in Christ, My wife Diane and I are the directors of the American Military Evangelizing Nations (AMEN) ministry of the Manchester Church of Christ. For over 40 years this ministry has served members of the Church of Christ in the U.S. Armed Forces. Our mission is to promote the spiritual well being of military Christians by connecting them with local churches and providing resources helping them grow in the faith of Jesus Christ.

The AMEN Newsletters highlight aspects of our work in bringing the Gospel to those in uniform and their families. It is my prayer that it will promote not only AMEN but highlight the unique spiritual needs and opportunities of our military Christians. I am often amazed how God brings various people together to lift up our gracious Lord Jesus and proclaim the Gospel of salvation. From Basic Trainees to seasoned warriors scattered to bases throughout the world there are many who desire to grow in the knowledge and faith of Jesus. I hope you enjoy reading how God is leading this ministry.

Dennis A. Saucier, Chaplain, Lt Colonel, USAF (Ret)
Diane Saucier, Military Wife and Mother



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